NME - 100 najznačajnijih događaja u svjetskom rock'n'rollu

NME je nedavno objavio popis od 100 najznačajnijih događaja u svjetskom rock'n'rollu. Pročitajte ih na engleskom, za neke stvari komentar bi bio - "ah, Englezi" ... a za neke - "fak, ne znam to prevesti..."

1. Kurt Cobain's Death
2. Dylan Goes Electric
3. Belle And Sebastian Winning A Brit Award
4. Neil Young And Lynard Skynard's Infamous Spat
5. Lennon claims the Beatles are bigger than Jesus
6. M/A/R/R/S Reach Number One And The Rise Of Sampling
7. Jack Nicholson In Easy Rider
8. The Release Of The Specials' 'Ghost Town' Single
9. Riots At Blackboard Jungle Movie
10. Richey: 4 Real
11. Bob Marley & The Wailers' Legendary Gig At The Lyceum
12. Perry Farrell Invents Lollapalooza
13. The Release Of Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going On'
14. Cornershop burning images of Morrissey
15. The Release Of Lou Reed's 'Metal Machine Music' LP
16. Abba Winning Eurovision
17. Charlton Heston's 'Cop Killer' Speech
18. The Kidnapping Of Gram Parsons' Corpse 19. Jerry Lee Lewis Banned From Britain
20. NME's Shaun Ryder On E Cover
21. Jimi Plays Monterey
22. The Jesus And Mary Chain Incite A Riot
23. The Release Of 'Screamadelica'
24. Bjork Attacks A Journalist
25. The 'Bohemian Rhapsody' bit in Wayne's World
26. The Beeb Bans 'Relax'
27. Elvis Shocks America
28. The Beatles release 'Sgt Pepper's...'
29. Ozzy Osbourne Bites The Head Off A Bat 30. The Sex Pistols Swear On Live TV
31. The deaths of Tupac, Biggie and the East Coast/West Coast wars
32. The first Glastonbury Festival
33. Kraftwerk use robots onstage
34. The opening of Ministry Of Sound
35. Mick and Keef arrested
36. Robert Wyatt on TOTP
37. The Battle Of The Beanfield
38. Ken Kesey gets on the bus
39. CSN&Y record 'Ohio'
40. Bowie retires Ziggy
41. The Jam Split
42. The First Velvet Underground and Andy Warhol gig
43. Spinal Tap
44. The first episode of The Monkees
45. The Beatles play Shea Stadium
46. Phil Spector enters the studio
47. Beastie Boys riot at Liverpool Royal Court 48. Huggy Bear on The Word
49. AC/DC do a 21-Gun salute onstage with cannons
50. The Britpop War
51. Cover shot of 'London Calling' and story of The Clash
52. Morrissey wears hearing aid on Top Of The Pops
53. Link Wray loses a lung and invents punk!
54. Dexys kidnap their own mastertapes
55. Berry Gordy founds Motown
56. Altamont
57. Lee Perry's Black Ark studio
58. Formation of Led Zeppelin
59. The scooter going over the cliffs in Quadrophenia
60. Jim Morrison arrested story of The Doors 61. Sid Vicious doing 'My Way'
62. James Brown at Harlem Apollo
63. The Stone Roses live on The Late Show
64. Castlemorton
65. Viking death metal murder
66. Saturday Night Fever and the '70s disco scene
67. Charles Manson hears the 'White Album'
68. Run-DMC and Aerosmith join forces
69. Don Arden & Robert Stigwood
70. Jarv vs Jacko
71. The Stooges' 1973 tour: the most calamitous rock'n'roll gigs of all time!
72. The death of Buddy Holly
73. MC5 swear and get dropped
74. Roky Erickson invents psychedelia and loses his mind
75. George Clinton's Mothership
76. Boy George is a junkie
77. Dead Kennedys fuck off!
78. Skip Spence and the recording of 'Oar'
79. Mark E Smith's lost weekend
80. The 2 Live Crew and their 'obscene' album 81. Chumbawamba versus John Prescott
82. George Michael's 'coming out' video
83. Suicide's riotous 1978 tour
84. The rise and 'disappearance' of Syd Barrett 85. Public Enemy fight the power
86. The Woodstock '99 riot
87. David Crosby's liver failure
88. The Human League's dramatic resurrection 89. L7's tampon-flinging gig at the Reading Festival
90. Brian Wilson losing his marbles
91. Gene Vincent introduces rock'n'roll to leather, boots and booze
92. Matt Bianco on Saturday Superstore
93. Tony Wilson tells the States: "Wake up, you're dead!"
94. Diana Ross arrested
95. My Bloody Valentine almost bankrupt Creation
96. Dylan makes 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' 'video'
97. The Verve get back together
98. NME's 40th anniversary
99. New Order's 'Blue Monday' becomes biggest-selling 12-inch
100. And the final moment you've all been waiting for...

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